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We had 16 inches of snow! The 4 dogs would NOT go out the back door as it was too deep. The corgis are only 13-14” high and it was over their heads. Glenn had to make all these troughs throughout the gardens so that they could run and play. ALL THAT YOU COULD SEE OF THE 3 CORGIS WERE THEIR EARS!

Mr. Eskimo (a.k.a. Snow Dog) had a ball as he loves to rub his face in the snow! It lasted until Christmas. The next day, it rained all day and night and the snow was gone be Sat. morning. Absolutely NONE was left!

When the 4 dogs came out, they looked all over for the snow and none was there! They looked confused and searched the gardens for more. We might get more snow New Year’s Day and they will be happy again. (THEY not us…)

The gardens do look nice covered in the snow but we had to lift it off the boxwood as it was just too  heavy. Most all of the trees and shrubs were pruned to branch out as they grew. This enables the plants not to break under the weight of the snow. Looks like our work  paid off!

Looking out the garden room doors, the pineapples on the brick piers are covered with snow! They have a neat, pointy cap on them.

You can see the “troughs” that Glenn had to shovel for the dogs to go out. We put the x-pens across the driveway at the piers so that the dogs could run and play all over! All the next day, Glenn shoveled out the 90-foot long driveway.