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Cottage style

Clean and crisp, antique and vintage, restful and peaceful…..

All of these words can describe the cottage style look and room. Reminiscent of times past in a summer cottage, perhaps in the country,  the cottage style evokes memories and relaxes the senses.

You can add and make a room of you hand-me-down linens, old pictures, and an antique bed and quilt. The possibilities are as endless as the sea! The cottage room that I made some years ago was on a third floor which was formerly and old attic-never finished since the house was built in the late 1700’s. I retreated there to listen to classical music, and take a nap in the quiet surroundings.

I plan to make this next cottage room in a attic but much smaller. This room will have the white-washed, unfinished rafters. Many things that I’ve collected already for this room are hand-me-downs.  Looking at these items reminds me of family times together and picnics on The Farm years ago.