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March 2011

As you saw on the previous page, the potting shed is completed. Why a potting shed? We felt that wed get 12-month use from it vs. the glasshouse which was seasonal. It has a sturdier roof so if another branch breaks off the neighbors tree, it should holdup better.

Inside, we are using half for tools and a workbench. This is more useful for us now. It is painted inside and out and now matches the cabin. We do hope to replace the cabin roof in the future with the same color roof as the potting shed and the house. (At the time our home had a white roof when this was built but now its tan-brown color).

In jest, I put the number 9 on the cabin door and number 4 on the potting shed door. (NO, we are not building any more numbered cabins here!)

We will get better use in 2012 and beyond now that it is all painted inside and the cabinets, workbenches, etc. are installed.

This is difference form the cabin in that there are screens in place of a soffit. The air can flow in and out the gable vents, as well as, the soffit screens.

Heres the cabin with the work area and potting shed behind it. It is partially hidden from the main garden views.