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Williamsburg, VA-Dec. 2011


This year I went again specifically to see the decorations and to purchase some floral items. It’s been since 1982 that I last went there at Christmastime.

Historically, the inside of the Colonial homes were not decorated much. I learned that when I went to Mt. Vernon at Christmastime and just saw a few springs of evergreens here and there inside. The Governor’s Palace is NOT decorated inside; however, the exterior is decorated with local greens, nuts, fruits, etc.  There are several books published by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation that explain the decorations, as well as, give directions for making many of the items in these pictures and more.

You can find them at the CWF Store online. If you just want to make the decorations, then Colonial Williamsburg Decorates for Christmas is the one that you want to purchase. The others are very good and I have several. They explain the history, etc. and have directions, too.


An Historic Home with Osage oranges as the focal point of the decorations

Williamsburg Lodge, Nat’l. Register of Historic Places-main lobby

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

To visit the OFFICIAL websites of CWF, go here:


There are stories, events, videos, podcasts, and apps. You won’t be disappointed!

The many reasons that Colonial Williamsburg is a great place to go are the people that work there as crafts people, shopkeepers, and service in the hotels.  All are dedicated to their positions in CWF and a most helpful and friendly. Here are a few of these great people in the pictures below.

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At the Williamsburg Lodge– Dennis,  valet, who knows sign language and helps the deaf, too.

The Gardener

Woman at the Governor’s Palace

The Wheelwrights

The Blacksmith making cut nails

The Blacksmith explaining cut nails and telling about the tools in the picture to the right.

Williamsburg Lodge, Nat’l. Register of Historic Places –lobby with all live greens.

Williamsburg Lodge, Nat’l. Register of Historic Places– exterior courtyard.

The vegetable gardens and garden shop are outside. In the rear is the tool shed. It is comparable to my potting shed (go here to see that) but with a steeper– pitched roof.

The old bell jars are clear glass and some green ones, too. There are interesting varieties of winter vegetables in these lovely plots.

Wattles and Colonial methods of gardening are the theme outside the goods tent.


Wattles are at the corners.