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Over the years Iíve enjoyed going to Shenandoah Natíl Park in Virginia many times. Iíve stayed at the lodge and cabins in Big Meadows.† Near the lodge there is Byrdís Visitorís Center and large museum collection of artifacts. These detail the CCC (Civilian Conservation† Corps) work during the Depression at the park.

On the outside is a sculpture of a CCC worker. The last time I visited in 2007, I took these pictures. It was the year the CCC exhibit opened.

Big Meadows LodgeĖ we stayed in the end room in the picture to the right.

Byrd Visitor's Center-CCC worker sculpture. Inside exhibit-above is a 1930ís park book.**

Emily rests after the visit-note the bone sunglasses...They are Doggles and have 100% UV protection for her eyes to help prevent cataracts. And you thought they were just for fun? Click hereódoggles.com

Big Meadows across for Byrd center.

Vintage park souvenirs in the CCC exhibit.

** Note on the park book:

This book was printed for the Park Service to build park tables, lodges, fireplaces, etc. as a handbook. I managed to locate 2 reprinted versions but under different names. One is an hardback and one a paperback and each published by different people.

I purchased the paperback and donated it to the Park Ranger who assisted me in trying to locate the original book there. She was thrilled. Now others can have a copy of this book found online at Amazon.

I have the larger, hardback book and use it as a reference here. (It was $85.00 at the time.) This is a fabulous book and Iíve used it many times. For example, the cabin in the back of our propertyĖ Iíve used it as a guide to the porch/deck and what we plan to do with Camp Rest-A-While.

The title is:


ISBN 978-1-58898-171-0

ď 1938 reprint published by the Dept. of the Interior, National Park ServiceĒ;

Princeton Architectural Press, NY,NY 1999