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While some people think that there is not much one can do but put out a few concrete blocks behind the house for a patio, others use the opportunity to get creative.

The foremost thing is that they all be level and have a solid bed. After that, we can build a plain patio or a fancy one to our liking. Getting a good landscaping book or talking to the materials person at the dealer, is a good beginning to your project.

We used brick in different patterns here similar to the brickwork seen in Williamsburg. No two areas there are the same. After the last visit to the Williamsburg Gardens, I used the photos to pick up the methods that were used for the corners and curves in the walks.

I guess that I will be doing brick walks here for a while!

UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA– PATIO AREA BEHIND ONE OF THE PAVILIONS DESIGNED BY THE VIRGINIA GARDEN CLUB.  Though ours is completely different, I was inspired by this picture I took when we visited. This is why it is essential to visit as many places as you can for ideas.




We have several patios here in the gardens. Walking around the gardens, we can sit in different places for many views. One of the patios is hidden.

Doors and steps to the patio-rear of the house .

Part of the rear patio and walkway around house.

FALL-Hidden patio near the woods gardens.

SPRING-We had a private dining area on the same patio with a Garden Party Pavilion one year. Net screening can be tied to the poles for a party effect.

Bug-free eating!

This is one of the places that we have the annual cypress vine– on the arch at the front patio. In 2016, I noted the last time we saw them and it was the end of Oct. It was a hot year and fall came late. Can you see it?