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Who likes picnics? WE DO!!!!

Fun for all, the picnics in the summer are for families and friends. We try to make  it an old-fashioned kind of a picnic here. My late father loved this. He would always send me a “Thank you” and say how he loved it all. We don’t have BIG picnics too often but when we do, we like to have them all during the hot weather.

There’ s something that goes together with hot weather and picnics. I can remember the picnics at the FARM vividly during July. We had the real, old-fashioned, crank-type ice cream maker. Seemed like it took forever to make the ice cream with everyone taking their turn to crank it.

I’ve upgraded to an electric one to save time. Then we had the croquet set all out and a badminton net up. It was always badminton and nothing else. Lastly, we had the horse shoe area for mostly adults to play. Other families that I know have soccer or volleyball, bocce ball, or other games out. If someone has a pool, well, that’s just great!

It’s all for fun and a relaxing life!

Picnic at THE FARM July 4th , 1957


Picnic at THE FARM July 4th , 1957

The picnic table was painted white to match the house and lawn furniture. My grandmother is on the right end and my mother is second from the right. Dad was taking the picture. He always got sparklers for us kids.

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