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We prepared a SHELTERING  IN PLACE in our home before the hurricane comes. It is  a bedroom in the middle of the house. We have large walk-in closet where we store all of the stuff that we need as there are no windows.

We’ve also made BAGS TO GO for the pets and for ourselves. This is just one suitcase of pillows, a towel, and a few clothing, etc. items that we would need if we have to leave for a shelter.  We have all of their crates ready for safety and to carry to the car if needed.

The SHELTERING  IN PLACE is just a safe room inside our home to stay during the storm. We have our important things and comforting things for the furkids. We know that it will be hard for them to understand and that they may be afraid of the wind and rain noise but we hope to just be cozy together while it is in progress.

If you don’t have a booklet from your local Emergency Management Office, you can go to the websites here for info on how to prepare:

“Get a kit, make a plan, be informed.”

FEMA   www. ready.gov

IN NJ    http://ready.nj.gov/

The furkids hear about the hurricane and what we need to do.

Preparing for Disaster in Burlington County

This is the booklet and sign that our county in NJ sent to each residence in 2006.