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We don’t know about you but our tree care searches have been futile to disastrous! We’ve had to contact tree services many times over the past 15 years and the task was laborious.

With the phone book on hand, we tried calling services for storm damage and emergency work. Our results fit into 3 categories:

· Services that never get back to us from their answer machines

· Services that we made appointments with at their offices in person and they never showed up

· Services that came and destroyed our property along with tree removal

The last item listed above, kept me in repair for 4 years.  That summer I rarely went into the garden because I couldn’t bear to see the destruction that they did. This year I thought that we would go for the best in services.

I saw their display at the Philadelphia Flower Show before this year and saved their brochures. We emailed this company who did the work  and saved our property, too!

They have CERTIFIED ARBORISTS and not just manual laborers that have no tree knowledge whatsoever. Even if you are removing a tree, they will do all with care to  your property.

Price? The cost to us for trimming and lightening one of our trees was the exact same as 2 other estimates from the usual tree service people. The DIFFERENCE WAS-THESE ARE TREE EXPERTS who care and know trees.

We are having them come back for tree spraying.  Here’s a company that we will always get from now on for both emergency care and maintenance:


“Scientific Tree Care Since 1907”


APRIL 2006– Here are the techs from Bartlett’s Tree Experts finishing up our red maple. They CLIMB the trees and lower the branches down to save the shrubs and flower beds below!

They cut the limbs exactly they way I wanted them and opened up the canopy of the tree. No more dead and broken limbs falling to the ground-a dangerous situation.


Please take our word for it and use this excellent company for good service.

[We are NOT affiliated with Bartlett Tree Experts-just extremely happy customers!]

Jan 2010

Each year the arborist comes here and walks around the gardens, makes recommendations, and sends a proposal of things that need doing. The items are in sections and done one at a time. Many times I am not here but sometimes I have questions to ask.

I made an appointment early so that I can plan the gardens before March comes. Just walking around and looking at the plants with the arborist, I learn many new things. The insects he sees I would surely miss. I can have many books on my shelves but if I can’t ID the bug or disease, what good are they? He finds the things, though, and takes time to explain them. Later I look them up and see for myself what the thing is.

The items can all be done by their service-OR-I can do some and they can do the more difficult ones. I can even choose NOT to have anything done this year. There is NO pressure to use their services at all!

It’s my opinion that every home owner and gardener should have Bartlett Tree Experts come and visit to save time them and money! We still use their services and highly recommend them to all!

 After all, Longwood Gardens and Winterthur Museum and Gardens hire them, too! Many times I’ve been there and Bartlett Tree Experts have been working. SO-If they are good enough for the best gardens. they are good enough for us!